Our vision is to take ugly, disorderly and somewhat frightening problems and provide simple yet rich and rewarding solutions. In our work we rely on simple, sound and intuitive analytical methods.
We offer the following services:
Strategy We assist our clients in developing a comprehensive Knowledge and Information Strategy. This strategy ensures that our clients can rapidly move from "Thought to Action". Instead of being reactive, they proactively understand customer needs, address emerging opportunities and foresee competitive threats.
Our strategy work usually involves aligning the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Development and Information Technology organizations of a company around customer needs, market trends and competitive threats. This alignment leads to the design of a collaborative decision support technology platform with current information and analyses.
Architecture An architecture is a blueprint for translating a strategy into an implementation. We help our clients develop a decision support architecture that enables rapid "Thought to Action". A decision support architecture consists of three components:
  • Information Architecture - This is a model of the internal and external information sources that when combined together prime the analysis and decision making within a company.
  • Delivery Platform - This is the hardware, networking and software platform that delivers information to the internal and external consumers of information for a company.
  • Analysis Engines - These are the software applications that help knowledgeable individuals convert raw information into analyses that point to actions a company needs to take.
  • Implementation Our implementation services include data modeling, web site design, analytical modeling, technology analysis, vendor selection and design of customer surveys.
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